High Speed CMOS Sensors




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  AM41 is a 4Mpix high sensitivity high speed CMOS sensor     


  • 4-Megapixel           

  • 4/3" optical size

  • High sensitivity 9V/Lux-s

  • 500+ Frames/s

  • Global shutter

  • Low noise

    The Data Sheet is

available here.

For those, who want to save time

building their own camera, Alexima

offers the Sensor Board.


  In April 2012 Alexima participated in NAB Show, Las Vegas. In May 2012 we exhibited at AIA Vision Show in Boston.

  LUX13HS is a 1Mpix 3,500+ Fps  CMOS Image Sensor        

  •         1280 x 864 pixels                                                                

  •       4/3" optical size                                                        

  •     High sensitivity 25Lux-s                                  

  •   3,500 Frames/s

  • Low noise Global Shutter

The  LUX13HS Brief Spec is here.


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